Welcome to the Bryn Mawr College Egyptology Association’s page! Founded in 2018, the BMCEA is an academic organization dedicated to the study and promotion of Egyptology in the Bryn Mawr community and beyond. The Bryn Mawr College Egyptology Association is committed to diversifying our understanding of the ancient world beyond classical, western civilization and the ancient Near East to one that includes the significance of African cultures to the history of the Mediterranean.

Foremostly, we aim to make the study and appreciation of Ancient Egypt more accessible to the Bryn Mawr community through a variety of events and activities both on campus and in Philadelphia. To do this, we run a film series titled Egypt in the Movies, hold Egyptian literature readings and monthly discussions, host experimental archaeology workshops, stress buster events, and other fun activities.

In addition to our public programming efforts, we have a strong focus on the more academic side of Egyptology. To this end, we highlight and create Egyptology resources for students, build on-campus exhibits, host Middle Egyptian hieroglyph study sessions, organize trips to local museums and Egyptology lectures, and we keep our members updated on current Egyptological news. We also work with faculty and staff to develop projects which actively research the Egyptological material in Bryn Mawr’s collections.

We are constantly expanding our resource list, so we invite you to check back frequently.

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