Bryn Mawr College’s Legacy in Egyptology: Past, Present, and Future

Current On-Campus Exhibit

Exhibit Location: Kaiser Reading Room, Carpenter Library
Opening Date: April 11th, 2019–Present

Dr. Caroline Ransom, the first American woman to get a Ph.D in Egyptology, introduced the study of Ancient Egypt to Bryn Mawr College in 1905, making it one of the only institutions in the world where women could formally study Egyptian archaeology. Ransom began a tradition of teaching ancient Egypt at Bryn Mawr, which soon became a critical part of the study of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds. This important history deserves to be celebrated, along with the early scholars at Bryn Mawr who helped make the field of Egyptology what it is today. This exhibit brings together the artifacts Bryn Mawr students have used to study ancient Egyptian art, culture, and languages for more than a hundred years, artifacts that continue to be the focus of current student research in Egyptology.

-This exhibition was organized by Clara McCafferty Wright (BMC Class of 2019), Ella McCafferty Wright (BMC Class of 2019), and Leah Packard Grams (BMC Class of 2020) under the direction of Professor Susanna McFadden and Dr. Carrie Robbins (BMC Ph.D. 2013), Curator/Academic Liaison  for Art & Artifacts, as part of a Spring 2019 Independent Study.

Exhibit highlights: